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Pastel Colour Lovers

If you're already listed here but would like to update your information, please contact me.

Name Country
Icon by Aelyn United States
Icon by Ainna Philippines
Icon by Alexia United States
Icon by Alia United States
Icon by Amanda United States
Icon by Ana United States
Icon by Andrea United States
Icon by Angie England
Icon by Artwork United States
Icon by Brooke United States
Icon by Buruma United States
Icon by Cas United States
Icon by Celine Canada
Icon by Chrisie United States
Icon by Courtnee Indonesia
Icon by Deanna United States
Icon by Deborah Belgium
Icon by Dizzy United States
Icon by Erin United States
Icon by Jasmine Indonesia
Icon by K United States
Icon by Kiara United States
Icon by Kinsey United States
Icon by Laci United States
Icon by Leigh Ann United States
Icon by Lene United States
Icon by LINDSAY United States
Icon by Mal Poland
Icon by Marie United States
Icon by Mezu France
Icon by Mina Germany
Icon by Molly United States
Icon by Nathalie Belgium
Icon by Nemi United States
Icon by Olivia United States
Icon by Patricia United States
Icon by Pom United States
Icon by Ren United States
Icon by SakuraDreams England
Icon by Tammy United States

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WHAT IS THIS SITE? This site is a fanlisting (FL), which is basically a list of fans declaring their love for a subject—in this case, for pastel colours. Learn more about FLs here.

LAYOUT CREDITS. The header and all codes feature photographs by Jill Wellington, used under the free Pixabay license, while some icons are from Icons8. For more information on the other, license-free resources I use, please go here.

TERMS OF USE. All writeups, graphic edits, layout design, and HTML/CSS/PHP coding are done by me (Ainna), owner of minty.NU, unless otherwise stated. By accessing this site, you agree that you will not duplicate nor redistribute any written and graphic content found here, in any digital/electronic or print form. (The only exception to this is the linkback buttons [codes] you may download and save to your own server for the sole purpose of directing your visitors to this site.) While largely a hobby, building fan tributes still take up a lot of time, so thank you for respecting my efforts!

PRIVACY POLICY. If you're worried about the data collected by this site when you sign up as a member, please read my network-wide Privacy Policy. Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Affiliation is open for other sites about colors.

WELCOME to the fanlisting for pastel colours. If you like soft, pale colors for the delicate elegance or calming atmosphere that they evoke, please grab a code and add your name to the list.

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